About us

RETUSCANY is a real estate agency based in Forte dei Marmi, pearl of Versilia, Tuscany. The location of our offices allows us to take care of the intermediation of properties of the highest prestige in this territory so renowned around the world.

The properties we offer are mostly located here in Forte dei Marmi, in the center, in the exclusive Imperial Rome and in the characteristic Vittoria Apuana. We also take care of the surrounding areas, the surrounding countryside, and the hill behind Forte dei Marmi. The rest of Versilia and Tuscany attracts our attention in the presence of properties of high prestige to satisfy our most demanding customers.

Knowledge, integrity, and professionalism are the resources on which we base our way of working. The use of technology and the passion for our work allow us to provide the best service and to feel pleasure in doing so.

The 360º collaboration with all the operators of the real estate and not only, allows us to penetrate the market of the offer and that of the real estate demand in capillary way.

Thanks to strategic partnerships we are undoubtedly at the forefront in terms of the ability to exploit modern information technology, to publicize our offers and to catalyze the attention of those who seek home or investment opportunities.

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